INSPIRED by our Anniversary year, the David Melville fund has been designed the celebrate vibrant community here at Hatfield College. With a belief in equality of access and diversity at its heart, the David Melville fund endeavours to be as inclusive as possible, with all funds raised going towards current members of the JCR, so that the benefits of stewardship can be felt and seen in real time.
Named after our founder, David Melville, this fundraising scheme endeavours to uphold the values Melville himself stood for: namely, a belief in the importance of community and shared experiences. To see these values realised, the fund will be directed towards both individuals and projects that need the money most, and projects that will enhance our community in a meaningful way.
Some of the projects which will be included in the David Melville fund will be the rennovation of the Hatfield Gym and the erection of a memorial wall within College. The redevelopment of Hatfield gym is vital to the success of our sports teams and a good 'in house' gym does a lot to promote sportsmanship and community within each individual society. The memorial wall will also be a significant addition to the fabric of College and will provide current students with a picture of our history as they move forward making their own Hatfield memories.
The money raised from this fund will be instrumental in ensuring that the Hatfield community is served and is supported financially. With all the rising costs associated with University it is important that we encourage our students to think big, without the worry of finance to restrict them. We will therefore be encouraging current students to apply to the fund with projects that will enhance their experience of Hatfield College. This may be through LGBTA events in college, travel schemes or volunteering projects.   
Since the fund will be almost entirely built from sponsorship by past alumni, if you choose to donate to the fund you will be informed of the specific project to which your money is  directed, and will be given updates throughout the year as to how work is progressing. Our intention, through the foundation of this fund, is to demonstrate to current students just how marvelous this extended community truly is. Through the work of the David Melville fund, the past lives of Hatfield students will be reprised and live on in the current lives and works of Hatfield Students.
And just between you and I? I think that's just a little bit of magic.

To donate to the fund please email:


The Lion in Summer Ball was a huge success this summer and saw over 300 alumni return to the College in celebration of our anniversary year. The atmosphere in the College was fantastic as alumni old and new united under the Hatfield banner to be wined and dined in fantastic fashion. Importantly, the evening raised over £1500 for the David Melville fund. This is a fantastic result and will ensure the college is able to put into effect some of its exciting plans...  
With so much changing in the College this year, as we say farewell to Master Tim Burt and Assistant Senior Tutor, Eleanor Spencer Regan, our commitment to providing the best possible experience for our students continues. We hope that our alumni will continue to support this good work help us uphold the principles of endeavour, hardwork and community upheld in both David Melville and indeed, Tim Burt's profound legacy.