Men’s Rugby are having an impressive season and now rank 4th in the Premiership. This year, the boys welcomed some particularly impressive athletes to the club who have reinvigorated the squad, shaking up the line-up. One of the yearly highlights for HCRFC is the Rugby Floodlit Cup: this is one of the largest all college events during the year and is an absolutely incredible spectator event as a result.  The boys stormed to success at their first game to the roar of a fervent Hatfield crowd, beating St. Cuthberts 25-22. The game was tense throughout but resulted in a hard fought and much deserved victory for Hatfield. The Quarter Finals against Castle College were no less interesting, and concluded in a 40-0 win to Hatfield. With Castle put to rights, Hatfield are now preparing for their next game against Collingwood A’s. With old college rivalries sure to reignite this game is certain to be enormous.




Hatfield A vs. Collingwood A

Hatfield A vs. Stephenson A

Rubber Crumb 1 (Old)
19/02/2016 20:30
Rubber Crumb 1 (Old)
 28/02/2016 17:00

Hatfield A vs. St Hild and St Bede A

Rubber Crumb 1 (Old)
 02/03/2016 14:00

Hatfield A vs. John Snow A

MC Rugby 1 (Old)
 13/03/2016 12:00