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The fiver fund but not as you know it. Not such a pint sized fund after all.
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This no excuses fund was set up 2004. Initially it was organised by a committee under the Chairmanship of Carwyn Cox (2001) and an enthusiastic group of ex-Hatfield graduates, keen to help those current students pursue their interests in extra curricular activities eg Sport, Drama, Music and Community work, and to offer funding to enable them to do so.  They argued that even the most recently graduated ex-Hatfielder could afford a fiver!  The Fiver Fund is carefully managed.  Potential recipients submit a formal application and are interviewed by current members of the JCR Exec.  Reports are requested and published.  The JCR and the Director of the Trust are responsible for the day to day running of the Fund and report back to the Chairman and the committee based in London.
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The Floreat Fund


The second major fund launched by the Hatfield Trust in 2006 was The Floreat Fund.  It was hoped that the finance available in the fund would go some way to alleviate the debts of some students.  After much discussion, the Trustees decided that, for the first year of the scheme, a number of Floreat Scholarships should be awarded to Hatfield postgraduates ie those Hatfield undergraduates, who, having been awarded their first degree were selected to pursue research work in the University and who became members of the Hatfield College Middle Common Room.  The decision to favour postgraduates was taken partly as a result of the substantial increase in postgraduate numbers in Hatfield for 2006/2007 and partly because of the generous funding provided by the University for financial hardship at undergraduate level.  Consequently, Floreat Scholarships, valued at £1000 each, have been awarded since the academic year 2006/2007