Notorious? Maybe. Rowdy? Definitely. Hatfield? Always. The society that singlehandedly keeps College clean and tidy, HCAFC is one of the largest societies within the college and has a brilliant network of old boys as a result. Dating back to the College's beginning, Football at Hatfield has always been incredibly popular and it shows in the depth of talent within the squad. With some likening HCAFC's prowess on the field to that of Premier League teams such as Crystal Palace, HCAFC maintain their exemplary position in the league table through a combination finesse and fitness. This year, the boys have seen success upon success, and the C team are storming their way to promotion, while the As are fighting it out in the premiership. It should certainly be an interesting year for HCAFC and here at the Trust we're excited to see what happens next.
HCAFC Old Boys, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to our alumni page where you will find updates on our results, our off-the-pitch activities, as well as finding out news regarding Old Boys events throughout the year. For us, HCAFC has defined our experience at Durham University and we’re sure it has been the same for many of you. We’re therefore thrilled to share with you news of what we’re up to, both on and off the pitch and we’d encourage you to get in touch; we’d love to hear stories of your time with the club and exploits on the famed socials. We’re hoping to organise a few Old Boys events this year and news on this will be posted on this page so keep your eyes peeled. Many thanks from the current crop, Henry Parker & Alex Keating