Ian Curry
Director of the Trust

After teaching in Newcastle, Coventry and Darlington, Ian was seconded to Durham LEA for one year as part of a team providing in-service courses to all English teachers in the authority on Key stage 3 and 4 English in the National Curriculum. For over 25 years he has been producing limited edition topographical illustrations of Durham – including some of Hatfield which are very popular. His main sporting interest is rowing. He has been a commentator for many years at Durham Regatta also at Henley. He has been involved with coaching rowing at Hatfield in the past and as well as taking crews to Henley, was awarded Senior Rowing Coach of the year by the Northern Rowing Association. He was Parent Governor of the College and following this was President of the Hatfield College Senior Common Room for four years. He was appointed Director of the Hatfield Trust seven years ago, a position he still holds today.
Meet Cynthia
"Walking along the river bank 
from Count’s House to the Hatfield Boat House for a morning outing at 6.30 am in total darkness, passing shadowy people making their way to St. John’s and Chad’s boat houses for the same purpose."

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