HCRFC’s continued operation relies on a modest income from player subsidies and contributions from the college treasury. This year there are a number of funding opportunities with HCRFC and any donations towards them would be greatly appreciated.   1. ‘Sub-suits’ – This year we are hoping to purchase full-length sub jackets to keep substitutes and injured players warm. The suits are increasingly used in amateur rugby to prevent subs coming on cold and incurring injuries and will help HCRFC become a more effective and professional outfit.  2. Tour funding – HCRFC’s tour is a great tradition in Hatfield, but unfortunately can be too expensive for many players. This year we hope to partly subsidise the tour’s cost and would greatly appreciate any contribution to this.  3. Running costs – Finally, we would welcome any contribution to our running costs. These include pitch and referee costs for our fixtures and training sessions and are essential to HCRFC’s continuing success.
To find out more about any of these areas of donation, please email:

Alternatively, you may use the link below to donate directly to HCRFC

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