THE HATFIELD TRUST IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT AND EXCITING FEATURES OF LIFE AT HATFIELD COLLEGE. The Trust plays an essential role in ensuring that all Hatfield students are able to 'be the best that they can be' without being held back by issues of finance. Each year, the Trust tries to develop its funds to ensure that we are always in a position to serve students and make sure that all those eligible for funding are not left without support. As such, it's incredibly important that we are able to develop our financial capabilities year on year to make sure that our students are empowered to make their mark in their chosen field. In the past, The Trust has supported bids for a new racing VIII for the Boat Club, and have paid to update the erg room. The Boat Club aside, the Trust has donated a new organ to the chapel choir and is currently in the process of supporting The Hatfielder to begin reissuing the magazine. If you feel you are eligible for funding and want The Trust to get involved in your latest project, make sure you head over to our Contact Us page to submit your enquiry.